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A. The Front Office Football League (hereafter referred to as FOFL) consists of 32 franchises, owners and vultures. The league will use Front Office Football as its simulation engine, and the structure of the league shall be as mandated by the game.

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A. Levels of Ownership

1. Owner

a. The primary owner of each franchise; there shall be exactly one per franchise.

b. New owners shall be decided via majority vote by the other owners. The details of election shall be set by the Board of Governors.

B. Removal of Owners

1. All owners are required to maintain a minimum level of activity. If an owner persists in an extended period of inactivity, the Board of Governors may remove that owner. This minimum level of activity is set by the Board of Governors. Should it become apparent that an owner is in violation of the activity requirement, strong efforts should be made to contact and inform that owner before removal.

C. Behavior of Owners

1. All owners are subject to the rules of the constitution. Repeated, intentional or reckless disregard for any of these rules may be cause for remediation as determined by the Board of Governors, up to and including removal of an owner.

2. Certain activities are deemed to be detrimental to the league and are hereby banned. This list is not necessarily all-inclusive, and the Board of Governors may add to this list at their discretion, so long as the activity banned is not explicitly allowed elsewhere in this constitution, and so long as no remediation is applied retroactively.

a. Simming ahead
b. Testing of extension offers
c. Entering the game as a team for which you lack permission
d. Using third party utilities to access information that is not available either prior to or during the most recently simmed stage in-game.

3. All owners are expected to maintain competitive franchises. The minimum level of competitiveness is determined by the Board of Governors. Should it become apparent that an owner is in violation of the competitiveness requirement, a warning will be given. Subsequent violations will result in a punishment determined by the Board of Governors.

D. Owner Absences

1. Should all of a team's owner be unavailable for a period of time, the owner is to inform the Board of Governors. The Board of Governors may then appoint a temporary owner. The temporary owner shall not be affiliated with a team from the same division as the aforementioned team, and shall not be affiliated with a team that will play against the aforementioned team during their service as a temporary owner.

2. The Board of Governors will specify the powers of the temporary owner, depending on the length and timing of the absence.

3. Temporary owners must strive to avoid seeing privileged information (scouted ratings and game plans) as much as they can, while serving in that capacity.

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A. The FOFL will be governed by a two-person Board of Governors, which consists of the Commissioner and President. The Board of Governors has the final authority to enforce all provisions of the constitution. In the case that provisions of this Constitution are ambiguous or contradictory, the Board of Governors has the final authority to make reasonable interpretations.

1. Commissioner

a. The Commissioner has ultimate authority for the day-to-day operation of the league and may take, subject to the review of the president, actions in the best interests of the league, to the extent that such actions are not expressly precluded elsewhere in the constitution.

b. The FOFL Commissioner is elected by a vote of the owners of the league, and may be removed by the vote, set forth in post(s) on the league forum, of 21 members.

2. President

a. The President is elected by a simple majority of all owners to a 4 season term. Terms shall end upon the processing of Training Camp after the appropriate season.

b. The President may be removed by the vote of 21 league owners. The procedure for the removal vote will be the same as the procedure for removal of a commissioner.

c. If the President cannot finish his term, his elected successor will serve only through the end of his predecessor's term.

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A. During the regular season, there shall be three sims per week. The commissioner shall make clear well in advance the time of any sims, as well as the procedures for submitting exports. The Board of Governors may move or cancel a sim, so long as there is notice to the league.

B. During the playoffs and exhibition season, the commissioner shall set the schedule of play, making sure to give sufficient notice to the league.

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A. Training Camp

1. Training Camp shall be run at a time set by the Commissioner, which should be announced to the league at a reasonable time.

2. There are no restrictions, except those set by FOF, on the settings that may be used in training camp.

B. Position Switches

1. There are no restrictions, except for those set by FOF and any restrictions in Section II.C.2 (Ownership), on the amount or timing of position switches.

C. Gameplan

1. There are no restrictions, except those set by FOF, on the settings that may be used in their game plans.

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A. In-Season

1. There shall be at least one time before each sim set for the signing of free agents. The time and method shall be set by the commissioner, with reasonable notice to the league.

2. Players currently under contract may only be offered a renegotiated contract in the last year of their existing contract. This rule will not apply to a player who is listed as a hold out.

B. Offseason

1. FOF's free agency process shall be used by FOFL.

2. At least the first five stages of the twenty-stage free agency process shall be simmed in full. Subsequent stages, including the five-stage post-draft free agency period, may be simmed in chunks, at the discretion of the Board of Governors. The Board of Governors is to provide reasonable notice to the league about this decision, as well as the time and method of the submission of free agency exports.

3. The Franchise Tag may be used, subject only to the limitations set by the game.

C. Coaches & Scouts

1. FOF's process for signing coaches and scouts shall be used. No limits shall be placed on this other than those set by the game.

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A. FOFL shall use the FOF system for extensions and renegotiations.


In addition to having their export pulled from the stage, teams that violate this rule would be punished in the following manner:

1st offense: Warning
2nd offense: Loss of Third Round draft pick
3rd and subsequent offenses: Loss of First Round draft pick

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A. Teams may trade players and draft picks. Future draft picks may be dealt as allowed by the game. All trades are subject to the game's limitations, most notably salary cap limitations.

B. Aside from players and legal draft picks, nothing else may be traded in FOFL. This includes, but is not limited to, future consideration and conditional consideration.

C. The Board of Governors may, in their discretion, disallow a trade. They must announce their intention to consider this action promptly, and must clearly state the potential reasons for denial.

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A. The draft order and number of rounds shall be as set by FOF.

B. The time and method of drafting shall be set by the commissioner, with reasonable notice to the league.

C. The signing of draft picks shall be handled by each franchise, in accordance with the limitations set by FOF.

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A. Salary Cap

1. Salary Cap penalties will be determined by FOF.

B. Franchise Tag

1. Teams may use the franchise tag as they choose, subject to the limitations of FOF.

C. Other Financial Issues

1. For all other purely financial items, such as ticket prices, stadium capacity, city movement, etc., teams are free to make decisions as they wish, subject to the limitations of FOF.

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A. Hall of Fame

1. By default, FOFL shall use the Hall of Fame provided by FOF. Should the league decide to create its own Hall, creation of that Hall and any rules governing it may be decided by majority vote of the franchises in the league.

B. Other Awards

1. Other awards aside from the Hall of Fame may be issued by the league. The Board of Governors may, at its discretion, appoint an Awards Committee to determine the description and method of selection for any such awards.

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A. Suggested amendments may be posted at any time. After a sufficient showing of support and time for discussion, the Board of Governors will post the amendment for vote. An amendment may be forced to vote at any time by the public posts of 16 owners.

B. All owners are eligible to vote.

C. An amendment shall be deemed to have passed if it receives 22 "YES" votes.

D. Voting for all owners on amendments is mandatory. The Board of Governors may punish repeated violations of this policy in its discretion, but should consider extenuating circumstances if they present.

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A. This constitution shall go into effect upon its ratification by 24 owners.

B. After the constitution has gone into effect, no owner who takes action on the part of his team will be allowed to participate in FOFL without first having ratified.

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