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Yearly Leaders
2059Terrance Parker96.4286
2058Kendrick Nelson100
2057Lonnie Ayanbadejo95.6522
2056Damian Haygood97.2973
2055Caiden Keck94.4444
2054Jerome Flarn93.3333
2053Courtney Bidwill96.5517
2052Vincent Sellers100
2051Derrick McQueen95.2381
2050Malcolm Mangoba96.6667
2049Fernando Song95.2381
2048Daryl Streepy95.4545
2047Steve Barkshadt90.9091
2046Lance Gibson96.5517
2045Jose Shapiro93.1034
2044Clyde Tyson90.9091
2043Damon Prescott92.8571
2042Darnell Cluphf93.5484
2041Steve Knight97.0588
2040Steve Knight96.875
2039Damon Prescott96
2038Chester Fields97.2973
2037Billy Beyer96.875
2036Damon Prescott96.5517
2035Donald Ussery94.4444
2034Johnny Bruce92.6829
2033Archie Meert94.7368
2032Emmitt Woodard100
2031Tito Leake100
2030Roman Warren96.5517
2029Max Shonek91.8919
2028Irv Lang100
2027Rusty Bauer100
2026Perry Jennings96.7742
2025Stephen Quinn94.7368
2024Max Shonek95.4545
2023Zach Hayes92.8571
2022Marty Poston100
2021Marty Poston95.8333
2020Kirk Flynn95.6522
2019Wally Tyler90.9091
2018Terrance Halvorson94.1176
2017Rusty Taylor100
2016Clyde McGee100
2015Roman Warren100
2014Marty Poston100
2013Tommy Taute93.3333
2012Oscar Forrester95.8333
2011Colin Clayton88.8889
2010Marty Poston88
2009James Hotaling92.5926
2008Junior Summers87.5
2007Lester Strickland90.3226
2006Vincent Burton90.9091
2005Randall Writer87.8788
2004Donald Mizer86.6667
2003James Pace95
Career Leaders
1.Terrance Parker90.7563
2.Reuben Kotz89.7436
3.Mark Gilmore88.9764
4.Douglas Gordon88.3817
5.Quentin Bartels88
6.Caiden Keck87.9747
7.Johnathan Daniels87.156
8.Archie Meert86.9919
9.Dean Newsome86.6071
10.Johnny Bruce86.5342
11.Matt Upshaw86.4989
12.Bryce Edwards86.4865
13.Morris Baerg86.4078
14.Malcolm Mangoba86.1842
15.Colton Buckley85.3333
16.Easton Middleton85.3186
17.Damon Prescott85.2868
18.Clyde Tyson85.2601
19.Derrick McQueen85.2381
20.Damian Haygood85.1955
21.Roman Witt85.1485
22.Jerome Flarn85
23.Vince Plechaty84.5921
24.Charles Locklear84.5815
25.Billy Beyer84.5011
26.Courtney Bidwill84.456
27.Bernard Lydon84.4358
28.Mo Moss84.375
29.Seth Vaughn84.1237
30.Casey Dunigan83.9378
31.Adam Barbagallo83.8235
32.Emmitt Woodard83.7398
33.Jason Campbell83.7321
34.Stephen Quinn83.7104
35.Perry Jennings83.6585
36.Neil Bullock83.6066
37.Chester Fields83.557
38.Roman Warren83.4483
39.Dan Gillette83.2215
40.Tito Leake83.2151
41.Lonnie Ayanbadejo83.1858
42.Steve Knight83.1754
43.Leonard Mino83.1301
44.Riddick O'Neill83.1111
45.Pat Prescott83.0882
46.Billy Stokes83.0389
47.Butch Bazzell82.9268
48.Bryce Canada82.8125
49.Hector Tarver82.7869
50.Vince McCormick82.7778
51.Luther Bahn82.6271
52.Lionel Gregson82.5893
53.Mickey Lindstrom82.5263
54.Neal Raymond82.4759
55.Cornell Clifton82.4324
Playoff Leaders
1.Devin DiMatteo100
Vincent Sellers100
Lance Shaw100
4.Luther Bahn93.3333
5.Damon Prescott92.3077
Chester Fields92.3077
7.Archie Meert91.6667
8.Adam Barbagallo91.3043
9.Ed DiNapoli91.1765
10.Mike Bugallo90.9091
Roman Warren90.9091
12.Liam Westphal90.4762
13.Edgar Seinfeld90
Casey Dunigan90
15.Wesley Beyer89.1892
16.A.J. Powell88.8889
Marlon Sawyers88.8889
18.Daryl Streepy87.5
Damian Haygood87.5
20.Bert Garrison86.6667
Lionel Gregson86.6667
22.Tom Hudson85.2941
23.Ricky Garcia84.6154
Alexander Button84.6154
Rylan Dawson84.6154
26.Rusty Bauer83.3333
Mike Conlan83.3333
28.Neal Raymond82.8571
Travis Hernandez82.8571
30.Billy Stokes82.5